Barzipan Publishing has three of its leading titles banned in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates

PRESS RELEASE     18th August 2014

When misunderstanding between the West and the Arab world is at its height, the censorship of books that promote cross-cultural understanding could not come at a worst time. All three authors have lived and worked in the Arab world and their writing emphasises the similarities between the different cultures instead of the differences perceived by so many.

While banning romance novels is hardly surprising, the three authors are disappointed that the passion and admiration they express for their adopted countries will not be read in the Arab world.

Fibs, Fact and Farces: Tales from the Arab World is a collection of hilarious stories by John Carter that highlight not only the essential dottiness of his own country’s activities in the Arab world, but also unveil the tremendous humour that the Arabs themselves possess. It was applauded by Matthew Parris who said,“Formal history sometimes misses the humour, the misunderstandings and the flashes of insight…. John Carter lays out a rich store”.

Anywhere But Saudi Arabia! Experiences of a once reluctant expat is told with the wit and stylishness for which Kathy Cuddihy is well known and is a treasure for all who know and love the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At times hilarious, at times shocking, but always honest and entertaining, Kathy Cuddihy’s story is infused with deep affection for Saudi Arabia.

Seven Bands of Gold: First Love is a romantic tale of shy and naïve 17-year-old Sally whose first love affair ends in disaster, sending her fleeing the heartache to visit her friend in the Middle East. Sally learns to love the desert sheikhdom and its people – and one person in particular – as she finds independence and a renewed self-confidence. Jenny Lees’ second book in the quartet, Sensual Love, is to be published in November 2014 and will not be submitted for censorship approval in the Arab world.

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Anywhere but Saudi Arabia! Experiences of a once reluctant expat
Kathy Cuddihy – ISBN: 978–0956708137 – 200 x 148 mm Portrait – 308 pp Softback and Kindle

Fibs, Facts and Farces: Tales from the Arab World
John Carter – ISBN: 978–0957023345 – 200 x 148 mm Portrait – 240 pp Softback and Kindle

Seven Bands of Gold — Book One: First Love
Jenny Lees – ISBN: 978–0957379244 – 200 x 148 mm Portrait – 448 pp Softback and Kindle