Barzipan Publishing offers an eclectic mix of titles – from the humorous to the thought-​​provoking to the down­right provocative. These public­a­tions make perfect presents for your­self or friends and are avail­able in print and ePub formats.

Seven Bands of Gold — Book Two: Sensual Love Seven Bands of Gold — Sensual Love
by Jenny Lees
First Love saw Sally’s sexu­ality awakened; in Seven Bands of Gold - Sensual Love, the seductive Sheikh Abdullah takes her sex educa­tion to a new level – and the convent-​​educated and ill-​​prepared school­girl proves a fast learner! Torn between the comfort and security of her affair with the gentle Matt and the deep passions aroused by the exper­i­enced Sheikh, Sally imagines life could not get more complic­ated. But when a figure from her past casts his shadow over this curious ménage à trois, she real­ises how wrong she was…
Public­a­tion: November 2014
9780957379268 A Matter of Luck
by James M Killeen
WHAT IS LUCK? The chances are you don’t really know, but you prob­ably believe in it, and I bet you invoke the word every day of your life … ‘Bad luck!’ ‘That was lucky!’ ‘You should be so lucky!’ ‘What a lucky escape!’– said with varying degrees of intensity, relief, sarcasm, amuse­ment, incredu­lity or disgust. A Matter of Luck is a highly read­able yet thought-​​provoking work, inter­spersed with illu­min­ating and amusing examples to illus­trate each facet of this fascin­ating subject.
7bog1 Seven Bands of Gold — Book One: First Love
by Jenny Lees
It is the mid-​​1960s and 17-​​year-​​old Sally is living in leafy suburbia. Having finished her convent educa­tion, Sally is shy and naïve, and totally uncon­scious of her budding beauty. Her only sex educa­tion has been an excru­ci­ating lesson on the procre­ation of rabbits from the nuns.
Then she meets Doug MacDonald and the urges that have lain dormant, anaes­thet­ised by ignor­ance and Cath­olic angst, over­power her shyness and reserve. Almost overnight Sally blossoms…
WOW_cover White House Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks
by Phil Dampier & Ashley Walton, illus­tra­tions by Richard Jolley
From Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s rousing wartime oratory to George W Bush’s crazy comments, from Theodore Roosevelt’s bullish campaign speeches to Bill Clinton’s sanguine sayings, it’s all here in White House Wit, Wisdom and Wise­cracks – the Greatest Pres­id­en­tial Quotes. As Commanders-​​in-​​Chief, US pres­id­ents are in charge of the most powerful armed forces ever known, yet humour is often their best weapon.
Harry S. Truman: “You want a friend in Wash­ington? Get a dog.”
Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes
by Phil Dampier & Ashley Walton, illus­tra­tions by Richard Jolley
Veteran Fleet Street royal reporters Phil Dampier and Ashley Walton have spent years following the ‘Duke of Hazard’, writing about his well-​​known penchant for thor­oughly non-​​pc remarks and hilarious one-​​liners. More than another collec­tion of ‘gaffes’, this new book celeb­rates not only Prince Philip’s mischievous and acerbic sense of humour but also his thoughtful and philo­soph­ical side – a man of wit and wisdom indeed.
Read the reviews in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, the London Evening Standard and the Daily Star.
Fibs, Facts and Farces: Tales from the Arab World
by John Carter
This hilarious collec­tion of tales from Arabia is as much about Arab views of the West and the curious collec­tion of indi­viduals who have paraded across the deserts and oases as it is about West­erners’ opin­ions and exper­i­ences of their Arabian hosts. Whatever your nation­ality, Fibs, Facts and Farces will have you holding your sides.
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Anywhere But Saudi Arabia! Experiences of a Once Reluctant Expat Anywhere but Saudi Arabia!
Exper­i­ences of a Once Reluctant Expat

by Kathy Cuddihy
The long-​​awaited account of the pion­eering era of Saudi expat­riate life is full of surprises and defies the stereo­types of the desert Kingdom. It is told with the wit and styl­ish­ness for which the author is well-​​known, and provides a heart­felt remin­is­cence for all who came to know, often endure, and para­dox­ic­ally love the Kingdom. It is an eye-​​opener for those with no compre­hen­sion of what life was, and is, like for an uncon­ven­tional non-​​Muslim woman in a conser­vative Muslim population.