Barzipan Publishing offers an eclectic mix of titles – from the humorous to the thought-provoking to the downright provocative. These publications make perfect presents for yourself or friends and are available in print and ePub formats.

Seven Bands of Gold — Book Two: Sensual Love Seven Bands of Gold – Sensual Love
by Jenny Lees
First Love saw Sally’s sexuality awakened; in Seven Bands of Gold – Sensual Love, the seductive Sheikh Abdullah takes her sex education to a new level – and the convent-educated and ill-prepared schoolgirl proves a fast learner! Torn between the comfort and security of her affair with the gentle Matt and the deep passions aroused by the experienced Sheikh, Sally imagines life could not get more complicated. But when a figure from her past casts his shadow over this curious ménage à trois, she realises how wrong she was…
Publication: November 2014
9780957379268 A Matter of Luck
by James M Killeen
WHAT IS LUCK? The chances are you don’t really know, but you probably believe in it, and I bet you invoke the word every day of your life … ‘Bad luck!’ ‘That was lucky!’ ‘You should be so lucky!’ ‘What a lucky escape!’– said with varying degrees of intensity, relief, sarcasm, amusement, incredulity or disgust. A Matter of Luck is a highly readable yet thought-provoking work, interspersed with illuminating and amusing examples to illustrate each facet of this fascinating subject.
7bog1 Seven Bands of Gold – Book One: First Love
by Jenny Lees
It is the mid-1960s and 17-year-old Sally is living in leafy suburbia. Having finished her convent education, Sally is shy and naïve, and totally unconscious of her budding beauty. Her only sex education has been an excruciating lesson on the procreation of rabbits from the nuns.
Then she meets Doug MacDonald and the urges that have lain dormant, anaesthetised by ignorance and Catholic angst, overpower her shyness and reserve. Almost overnight Sally blossoms…
WOW_cover White House Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks
by Phil Dampier & Ashley Walton, illustrations by Richard Jolley
From Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s rousing wartime oratory to George W Bush’s crazy comments, from Theodore Roosevelt’s bullish campaign speeches to Bill Clinton’s sanguine sayings, it’s all here in White House Wit, Wisdom and Wisecracks – the Greatest Presidential Quotes. As Commanders-in-Chief, US presidents are in charge of the most powerful armed forces ever known, yet humour is often their best weapon.
Harry S. Truman: “You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.”
Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes
by Phil Dampier & Ashley Walton, illustrations by Richard Jolley
Veteran Fleet Street royal reporters Phil Dampier and Ashley Walton have spent years following the ‘Duke of Hazard’, writing about his well-known penchant for thoroughly non-pc remarks and hilarious one-liners. More than another collection of ‘gaffes’, this new book celebrates not only Prince Philip’s mischievous and acerbic sense of humour but also his thoughtful and philosophical side – a man of wit and wisdom indeed.
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Fibs, Facts and Farces: Tales from the Arab World
by John Carter
This hilarious collection of tales from Arabia is as much about Arab views of the West and the curious collection of individuals who have paraded across the deserts and oases as it is about Westerners’ opinions and experiences of their Arabian hosts. Whatever your nationality, Fibs, Facts and Farces will have you holding your sides.
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Anywhere But Saudi Arabia! Experiences of a Once Reluctant Expat Anywhere but Saudi Arabia!
Experiences of a Once Reluctant Expat

by Kathy Cuddihy
The long-awaited account of the pioneering era of Saudi expatriate life is full of surprises and defies the stereotypes of the desert Kingdom. It is told with the wit and stylishness for which the author is well-known, and provides a heartfelt reminiscence for all who came to know, often endure, and paradoxically love the Kingdom. It is an eye-opener for those with no comprehension of what life was, and is, like for an unconventional non-Muslim woman in a conservative Muslim population.